Guts & Glitter – Join Our Team


Have you thought about a career as a fashion consultant? Then you are definitely in the right place.

Contrary to what most consultants will tell you, this job is not for everyone. I want you to ask yourself these questions.

*Am I a self-starter?
-You HAVE to be motivated for this job. If you don’t think you could hack online college classes, this probably isn’t for you. You know what motivates me? My PAYMENTS! It’s incredibly addicting, girls. I see those four digits start rolling in week and after week and I want to sell more, and more, and more.

*Do I like to talk to strangers?
-Marketing yourself and your brand may come easier than you think. I am not one to sugarcoat stuff, so I was worried about this aspect. I was pleasantly surprised that I genuinely LOVE this company. I joined because of the money, I stayed because of the atmosphere.

*Will I be frazzled by difficult customers?
-This is a huge one. MOST customers are hands down, amazing. They love you. They want to know about your life, they follow your kids, they are genuinely happy to be your customer. However, sometimes there are difficult ones too. You have to have a thick skin and know how to provide awesome customer service while also protecting our brand.

*Do I have 10-15 hours a week to dedicate to this business?
-You can work as much or little as you want. This is your business. But the more you work, the more you make. You can do this as a single mom, you can do this as a full time corporate lawyer. Making time for your own success is what it takes.

And the most important one:


I am a huge supporter of the philosophy working smarter not harder. Why NOT work from home? Why NOT make women feel beautiful when maybe they have never had something that fits them correctly? This job is hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a consultant, send me a shout. I have a team of over 50 consultants that are blessing and strengthening lives- and that could be you too. Join our business information group for even more awesome testimonials from girls on our team.