Caitlin, who are you?


Well, I’m Caitlin. I’m a sassy and opinionated 20-something mama of four. I’m married to a guy who happens to be pretty handsome, and he also happens to be a United States Marine.

I’m always been in and out of odd jobs and education paths as an adult. What do I even DO with my life?! I’m a mom, but I’ve always needed something that defines me more than having a lot of kids. Something for…. me. Just me.

Retailer? Nah.. that’s SO not me- or at least, that’s what I used to think. Only when I found these comfortable, cute and simple statement pieces did I not only started to make an income for myself, but I starting getting my confidence back. I started wearing dresses instead of sweat pants. I started feeling a little more put together, and a little less like a walking spit rag for my toddlers.

Sound familiar? Come see me. I have styled dozens of mothers that felt JUST like I did. Not a mom? Cool. Let’s find you some weekend wear, or something for the office. Prefer a grunge look? I gotcha sister. These pieces are SO versatile that we can come up with almost anything to fit any personality. There has never been a brand that is more affordable, cohesive and most of all: COMFORTABLE. So let’s chat. Take a seat, pour a glass- welcome to this wonderful, fashionable world.